OMA Breaks Ground Soon on their expansion of the Wilshire Boulevard Temple

Next month, ground will be broken on the expansion of the landmarked Wilshire Boulevard Temple, a reform synagogue in Los Angeles, which is the oldest and one of the largest Jewish congregations in that city. Originally designed by Samuel Tilden Norton, this expansion will be undertaken by our friends at OMA | The Office for Metropolitan Architecture. Construction on the $75M project will commence with the new Audrey Irmas Pavilion; the expansion, which covers three-storeys, will include space for the congregation as well as supportive services for the surrounding Wilshire Center district. The Pavilion will comprise a large event space and a smaller more flexible space, as well as, notably, a sunken garden. The new floors are characterized by a sloping facade which angles away from the historic temple, with a series of openings that filter light throughout the complex.

New renderings for OMA’s Albright-Knox Art Gallery Expansion

New renderings have been released by our friends at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture | OMA of their proposed expansion of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, which would also include a preservation and improvement, by the same firm, of the campus on which it stands. The new freestanding building would add 29,K SqFt of space for exhibitions, storage for the museum’s art collection, and visitor amenities. The concept is to incorporate amenities into the complex by means of a wraparound promenade. The project would also see an addition, to the existing nineteen-sixties home of the Gallery, of a new education wing on its lower level, and the repurposing of a parking lot into a landscaped public space.

OMA | Office for Metropolitan Architecture’s Prada “Tower” (Milan)

Our friends at OMA | Office for Metropolitan Architecture‘s 9-storey exhibition venue “The Tower” is a luminous white poured-in-place concrete structure which stands beside the Prada Foundation arts complex in Milano. The Rotterdam office of OMA and its head, Rem Koolhaas, along with Christopher van Duijn, have headed up the renovation of 7 former industrial buildings dating back to 1910, and constructed 3 new. The tower is relatively small in terms of footprint—21.6,K Sqft, featuring one gallery per floor on six levels, with the additional three featuring a café, coat check rooms, and miscellaneous services—but stands 200’. It features rectangular and wedge-shaped floors.