Foster + Partners’ skinny skyscraper at One Hundred East Fifty Third

One Hundred East Fifty Third is an extremely slender residential skyscraper in Midtown, designed by our friends at Foster + Partners, rising in close proximity the 1958 Seagram Building of Mies van der Rohe. It stands 63-storeys, contains 94 residential units, and is visually distinctive for its undulant exterior of transparent and white ribbed glass. Foster has also designed the building’s extensive amenities suite, which include a 60′ swimming pool surrounded by distinctive curvilinear windows and screens of slatted oak, of which the latter are also utilized in abutting changing areas which feature rain showers. Black granite figures into the tiling around the pool as well as steps leading down to an abutting lounge, and a staircase links this program to a glassy gymnasium. Additionally, the building’s lobby features a fluted Calacatta marble wall. William T Georgis, principal among our friends at William T Georgis Architect, has designed two setups at the development as well as a pair of model apartments on the building’s 36th floor.

Apple Centre Cotai in Macau by Foster + Partners

The long awaited Apple Store outpost in Macau in South China—Apple Centre Cotai—by our friends at Foster + Partners has been completed, and its bold vision of an interior landscaped, transparent space with a meaningful connection to its surroundings has been brought to fruition. Notably, tall bamboo chutes tower in the structure’s central atrium; the store is situated in a plaza, surrounded by bamboo thickets, and a glowing cube within illuminates the structure, this being made possible by its uniquely structured and composed facade: five layers of of glass, overlaid with thin layers, suggesting a solid stone edifice, but one which through light can pass. The structural frame is supported by three corner columns wrapped in reflective stainless steel. Natural light enters the building through a grid of skylights in pyramidal and strip shapes.