Arlington Cemetery Addition by Beyer Blinder Belle

The Millennium Project is a 27-acre expansion of Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington Virginia, for which the design was created by our friends at Beyer Blinder Belle in collaboration with Sasaki and Jacobs Engineering. The $87M project will create ~27,K new spaces for above- and below-ground burials, including 6,K pre-dug graces, and 16,K niche wall burial spaces spread across five columbaria. (Arlington National Cemetery averages four to five burials per hour.) The addition also feature new shelters of granite and concrete to accommodate the site’s thousands upon thousands of daily visitors; there are also new pathways to enhance circulation for the expanded cemetery and some decorative stone gardens. The Millennium Project was the first significant update to Arlington to 40 years, and will be followed by the Southern Expansion: for which, the site’s footprint will be extended by 37 acres, overtaking the site of the former Navy Annex building.