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Lapitec is a natural, full body material composed entirely of minerals bound using technology, machinery, and techniques exclusively developed by Breton S.p.A, a world leader in machines and plants for the natural stone and engineered stone industry. It is entirely developed and manufactured in Italy, and is produced by sintering: a method used to create objects from powders, based on atomic diffusion. Diffusion occurs in any material above absolute zero, but it occurs much faster at higher temperatures.

Lapitec is available in a host of elegant finishes that express the beauty and depth of natural stone, to satisfy any taste and to offer the utmost versatility of use. It comes in a refined selection of individual, warm and natural colors which resemble earthly shades and provide absolute aesthetic design solutions. Their sophisticated patterns of classical inspiration confer a sought-after effect of style and timeless appeal to every surface, combining great aesthetic appeal with advanced physical and mechanical properties.

Lapitec is hard wearing, non-flammable, and almost impervious to UV rays, so its colors do not fade. Its surfaces are pore-free and do not absorb, and so they are stain-free, hygienic, easy to clean, and bacteria and mold-repellent. It combines the strength of sintered material with the properties, elegance, natural colors and the typical finishes of natural stone enhancing or blending naturally into any surroundings.



Interior sintered stone wall cladding made of Lapitec is the perfect choice to combine a modern aesthetic with the functionality that every surface needs. High resistance to scratching, impact and abrasion combined with ease of cleaning makes Lapitec slabs very versatile: ideal for interior wall cladding and inner surfaces of private residences and commercial buildings.

Interior wall cladding — Lapitec slabs are the perfect solution for interior wall cladding, doors, vertical and horizontal surfaces, with a modern and functional taste. Lapitec sintered stone slabs are ideal both for covering very large areas and architectures with custom design, offering a cladding solution with inconspicuous seams.

Architects and designers will find in Lapitec an innovative material, natural, versatile and eternal, a perfect example of Italian style.

Interior stair cladding — Resistance to scratches and deep abrasion makes sintered stone slabs perfect for interior stair cladding, assimilating the non-slip property of coarse surface textures.

Colors and finishes — For their projects, designers and architects can easily find the perfect combination of colors and finishes. Each texture is functional to a particular application: higher gloss and softness for interior cladding, paving and countertops with “Satin” and “Lux” finishes, higher coefficient of friction for exterior claddings and outdoor floorings with “Fossil” and “Vesuvio” finishes.



Lapitec large slabs can be effectively used for interior flooring and frost resistant exterior paving.

Exterior resistant floor covering — Lapitec slabs are long lasting and completely weather proof. Their extreme resistance to high temperature, frost, UV rays, scratches and abrasions makes them the perfect solution for exterior flooring, stairs and claddings.

Interior resistant floor covering — The advantages of porcelain together with elegance and beauty of natural stone make Lapitec a solid surface which can be used for countless applications: interior paving, high traffic areas, surfaces that need to withstand heavy use. Resistance to scratches and abrasions completes the strengths of Lapitec sintered stone.

Colors and finishes — Customize your project choosing between a variety of tones and colors commonly found in natural stone, from “Antracite” extreme black to “Bianco Polare” total white.

4 finishes are available to ensure versatility in Lapitec applications: “Fossil” and “Vesuvio”, for coarser textured surfaces, with anti-slip properties; “Satin” and “Lux” for more reflective surfaces, ideal for floorings and countertops.



Sintered stone wall claddings made of Lapitec are unique for slabs dimensions and functional properties. Lapitec slabs are available in a very large format, ensuring a high degree of flexibility to architects, allowing for virtually any kind of application no matter how complex or unorthodox.

Moreover, Lapitec features a number of attributes and properties typical of porcelain: extreme resistance to high temperatures, frost, UV rays, scratches and abrasions.

Mechanically fixed or bonded cladding — Lapitec sintered stone slabs can be mechanically fixed or bonded to an existing surface. In both conditions it ensures resistance and lightness to the entire structure. Lapitec is commonly used for ventilated facades, exterior coverings and long lasting wall claddings.

Curtain wall — Lapitec is a valid alternative to glass layers in curtain walls, thanks to its resistance to heat, freezing, high-speed wind and extreme weather conditions. Lapitec slabs are large enough to be used in exterior wall cladding and curtain wall systems.

Furthermore, while designing a curtain wall, Lapitec slabs can be easily fixed on the same supports used for glass layers. Architects can design a curtain wall system with the flexible combination of glass and Lapitec slabs, without compromising resistance or lightness of the structures.

Colors and finishes — According to the aesthetic effect you want to achieve with your project, Lapitec is available in many finishes, some of them softer and smoother, others coarser and rougher, similar to splitted stone.



Lapitec sintered stone slabs can be applied as cladding for outdoor swimming pools. High resistance to weather conditions and the effective high-friction coefficiency of the “Fossil” and “Vesuvio” textures, make Lapitec perfect both as cladding for swimming pools and as swimming pool surrounds.

The large size of each slab allows extraordinary design flexibility, while colors and finishes available are ideal for custom and unique applications.

A designer cladding for your outdoor swimming pool — When you choose Lapitec for your swimming pool cladding, you choose an innovative material that can fit every pool detail: paving, interior cladding, pool surround. You can also complete your project with highly resistant walkways and stairs.

Colors and finishes — “Vesuvio” and “Fossil” textures are ideal for covering floors and pool surrounds.



Lapitec slabs are ideal for rainscreen cladding and mechanically fixed ventilated systems. High resistance to high temperatures, frost, UV rays and high-speed wind, makes sintered stone ideal for a long lasting exterior cladding. Lapitec is also “self-cleaning”, thanks to Bio-Care technology which gives to slabs super hydrophobic properties that facilitate the breakdown of organic compounds. It also has anti-graffiti and anti-polluting properties.

Colors and finishes — Most commonly used finishes for rainscreen cladding are “Fossil” and “Vesuvio”, offering a coarse surface similar to natural split stone.



Lapitec is perfect for kitchen worktops. It is highly resistant to high temperatures and staining; these properties make it the perfect choice for a modern-looking kitchen worktop and for surfaces meant to be long lasting and highly resistant.

Outdoor kitchens and BBQs — Lapitec is extremely resistant to high temperatures, UV rays and inclement weather conditions: these properties make it perfect also for outdoor kitchen worktops and BBQ kitchens.

Colors and finishes — “Vesuvio”, “Satin” and “Lux” are the most suitable finishes for kitchen surfaces, commonly used for worktops, drawers and paving both for indoor and outdoor kitchens.



Lapitec sintered stone slabs are ideal as bathroom surfaces, because they are completely non-porous. Their solid surface is resistant to mold, humidity and bacteria.

Moreover, Lapitec features antibacterial properties and ease of cleaning attributes: these properties make it the perfect solution for bathroom claddings and surfaces, combining an elegance and workability typical of natural stone.

Ideal for bathroom sinks and countertops in one piece, claddings and shower trays — Lapitec slabs can be functionally used as cladding for bathroom surfaces, flooring and countertops. Moreover, they are ideal for shower trays, built-in sinks and as sinks and countertops in one piece.

Colors and finishes — Choose the best finishes for your Lapitec application: “Satin” and “Lux”, silky sheen textures, are ideal for bathroom cladding and surfaces, thanks to their high degree of gloss.



Pollution in cities is not only a risk to our health but it also has a damaging effect on buildings, external cladding, monuments and infrastructures. The main cause of damage to buildings is the build up of deposits of organic matter on their surface.

Bio-Care is a Lapitec line designed and developed to breakdown and wash away the organic atmospheric particles which deposit on the external cladding as well as having a bactericidal effect.

To achieve this result this specific Bio-Care line is produced by incorporating a special form of Titanium dioxide (TiO2) during the Lapitec production process.

Titanium dioxide is a catalyst which degrades organic matter through oxidation thanks to the reaction to natural sunlight or artificial lighting (photocatalysis).

Titanium dioxide also gives Lapitec super hydrophilic properties promoting a washing effect to remove the polluting particles from the surface. This important feature allows us to define the surfaces of the Lapitec Bio-Care line as “self-cleaning”.

Scientific research has also demonstrated how the powerful oxidation properties of titanium dioxide destroys bacteria (such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus) and mold, fungus and micro organisms, reducing unpleasant odors.

The Bio-Care line is the perfect choice for locations where you have to guarantee a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene with anti-polluting and self-cleaning properties.



Lapitec is a GREEN product through and through: from production and processing to transformation to a finished product. It contains no raw material obtained through petroleum processing, is completely inert and does not release any substances into the environment. When scrapped it can be milled to be recycled as an aggregate, or simply disposed of in normal waste treatment plants.

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