Cliff Dwelling of White Rock, British Columbia, Canada by Olson Kundig

Aug 2, 2018 / News

It cannot be reasonably denied that our friends at Olson Kundig make beautiful houses, and “Cliff Dwelling”, which sits on the edge of a leafy hill-face above the Semiahmoo Bay in White Rock, BC, was designed with a view towards simultaneously creating privacy while employing a a glassy exterior to allow every room excellent views of the bay and islands and mountains in all directions (except the opposite one). Peace and quiet were also considerations: a road runs above the downward sloping site, so thick concrete walls were implemented to block out road sounds. The house covers three levels, on which one are collected the main living areas; a den, children’s bedrooms and an exercise area on another; a master suite hidden away on a level of its own. Interesting features include glass guardrails capped with steel handrails, an entry gallery, and unfinished zinc siding.