Sep 23, 2021 / Stone Discoveries

Field Notes | Sabrina Concepcion

What stones do you think are trending right now?

Bold and Beautiful is what I believe is trending. Everyone is asking for that stand-out piece of marble. Something with a punch, something that grabs your attention. Whites, with navy and gold or black and whites. While these can be bold, beautiful, and elegant, they are also classic and timeless. You can’t go wrong with these stones. I say the Calacatta Paonazzo and Panda are still top choices everyone is interested in.

What stone are you really loving right now?

Wow, for me personally this is a hard question to answer. For me, there is no specific stone I can say I love over another. Stone is a passion for me and I love them all.

To me every stone is unique however in the end it all depends on the application. What makes a stone work for me, is how it seamlessly fits into a room with all the other materials and how it plays off the wood and fabrics. Your stone should be the crown jewel of the room, and for me, there are just too many to only pick one.

Have you seen any recent projects that show any of these materials beautifully?

Yes in fact I would love to share some of the photos of a couple of my favorite stones (all stones are my favorite!) But let’s start with these two: Calacatta Paonazzo Marble and Panda Marble.


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On the evening of August 19th, ABC Stone, in partnership with the New York Academy of Art and curator Peter Drake, hosted the tenth annual sculpture exhibition in celebration of The Carrara Merit Residency Scholarship. The exhibition featured 25 sculptures from 16 artists and provided a necessary and ongoing platform for the amplification of a culturally and ethnically diverse group of artists which reflects the world through their distinct lenses.

Guests were invited to wander through a lush, six-acre property in the heart of Sag Harbor that had been transformed into an other-worldly, sculpture-infused labyrinth. The pieces were grouped thematically and curated into separate vignettes as a comment on society and the state of our world today.

As in previous years, the works on view were augmented by performance art, music, and interactive video elements.

In continuing the exhibition series and the Carrara Residency program, ABC aims to honor its ongoing commitment to promoting and sustaining the use of stone in artistic practice and play a role in the continuance of this millennia-old art form. Now in its 11th year, the Carrara Residency Merit Scholarship is among the most popular Residencies and garners the most diverse pool of applicants among the MFA students at the New York Academy of Art. The honorees are selected by a group of architects, designers, artists, and magazine editors who meet with and interview each applicant in person.

Click below to watch recap

Photography: @julieannflorio




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Jun 7, 2021 / Stone Bank

Summer Whites

Summer Whites
Adjectives to describe Summer: Hot. Dreamy. Unforgettable. Natural. Instagramable. Won’t last forever.
Adjectives to describe Stone: Cool. Dreamy. Unforgettable. Natural. Instagramable. Lasts forever.
Stone. Basically Summer that’s more temperate and lasts longer. See what we did there?
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Stone kitchen trends we’re predicting for the year ahead

Whether you keep sweaters-in-the-oven a la Carrie Bradshaw or the last year has turned you into a bonafide chef, there’s no denying that many of us have kitchen remodeling on the brain. Transforming our homes to meet how we live today is more important than ever and, of course, every good kitchen starts with a fabulous countertop. Here are the stone trends we’ve been noticing and loving!

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Jan 13, 2021 / Stone Discoveries

Lapitec | For those looking forward

Lapitec | For those looking forward

Imagine a surfacing material made of 100% minerals that contains no resin or petroleum derivatives and holds up to heat, cold, scratching, and etching while being both anti-microbial and hydrophilic. What if this material also served as a photocatalyst that cleaned the air by reacting with light to break down and eliminate harmful pollutants?

Welcome to the world of Lapitec.

Lapitec is a ‘green’ material both in its production and in its final form. It is completely inert and does not release any pollutants or VOCs into the environment. Further, the product life cycle is reversible, meaning that the material may be destroyed and turned back into the same mineral powder from which it was created, thus making it able to be reused in the production process and completely recyclable.

Lapitec is a full-bodied sintered stone that can be used for:

Interior and exterior cladding, flooring, indoor or outdoor kitchen countertops, pool copings, and ventilated façades. Available in a variety of thicknesses, textures, and extra-large slab sizes, Lapitec has through-body color and patterning, allowing for ease of use in countless applications and a multitude of creative edge options.

Lapitec – Innovation and design without boundaries.

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Nov 19, 2020 / Stone Discoveries

Gold. Colorado-style. | Coming Soon.

ABC congratulates Red Graniti and Colorado Quarries for cutting the inaugural block of Colorado Gold.
Coming soon to ABC!
See the Quarry
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Fall Vibes Abound | Inspiration from Top Design Talents

The Summer of 2020 is officially in the history books and we are so ready for the Fall. To celebrate, we asked a few of our favorite interior designers to curate seasonally-inspired mood boards, and what they came up with is nothing short of divine. Check out these gorgeous Fall-ready palettes below!

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The End of Summer: Like 100 Sunday’s All Rolled Into One
Despite the Summer of 2020 being the one of the strangest on record, we’re still not quite ready to say goodbye. Luckily, ABC has the cure for those post-season blues. Make waves all year round with swoon-worthy materials reminiscent of water lapping on the shore and rife with all the possibility of cool sea breezes and invigorating salt air. So go ahead and throw some Yacht Rock on the old record player, mix up a Dark and Stormy, and dream of calm waters and smooth sailing ahead.
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Aug 12, 2020 / Designer Spotlight

Materials Matter: The Alchemy of a Kitchen

Materials Matter: The Alchemy of a Kitchen

Author, designer, and creator of the iconic lifestyle brand Eyeswoon, Athena Calderone, joins advocate for the arts and communications expert, Tiana Webb Evans, for an intimate conversation to explore materiality, visual storytelling, and effectively intertwining the design process with everyday creative practice. Join us for this lively and informative webinar.

Presented via Zoom Webinar
Thursday, August 20th,
4 pm

Click here to register (more…)

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ABC Stone in Design + Decor Magazine | The Great Outdoors Issue

Thanks to Design + Decor for highlighting ABC in its feature on the sustainability of stone as a building material. We love sharing our knowledge about the world’s oldest building material. Read on for details!


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